Wendy Collins, Wellness Committee Chair

Nutrition Program Director


Pamela Pavuk, School Nutrition Project Specialist

Amy Cook, Mitchell Primary School Wellness Rep/Educational Technician

Brenda Bladen, Shapleigh School Nurse

Jessica Briggs, Parent/Community Member

Anne Ellis, Shapleigh School Principal

Nikolas Franks, School Committee Member

Karen Matso, School Committee Member (alternate)

Alexa Christie, Let's Go! 5210

Timothy Roberts, Traip Academy Health Teacher


Raise your hand if you could use some relaxation, tension release and an immune boost! 

Great news! This month, Mistee from Whole Heart Therapies in Berwick will be offering 10 minute chair massages, foot soaks and biomats(infrared light exposure)to all of you! Please note below the date and times that she will be at your school. They are SOON. 

We will be sending a sign up sheet ASAP for you to choose your time slot.

Shapleigh: Wednesday, January 24 9:00-1:00

Traip: Wednesday, January 31 9:00-1:00

We are excited for you all to enjoy some rest and relaxation!

In gratitude.

Your District Wellness Team